The Pantry

Winter Squash Varieties

Confused about all the varieties of winter squash at the market?  This shoppers guide can help!

Tips to get the most out of your Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is all the rage these days!  Check out our quick guide to help you get the most out of yours!

12 Great Ways to Use Hummus

Hummus is a great healthy snack and is delicious as a dip for veggies, but sometimes you are looking for something different.  This list from our friends at Oldways gives you 12 suggestions!  Hummus is so easy to make yourself, click here for our favorite recipe!

Selecting and Storing Apples

Nothing says fall more than apples!  This guide will help you properly select and store this versatile gem to get the best quality and most nutritional benefits!

All About Tomatoes

When you think summer, the tomato is sure to come to mind.  It is the MOST popular home grown crop in America.  This document covers how to select, store and cook as well as some fun facts and health benefits!

Peach Basics

Peaches are a favorite for so many people!  They are sweet with a balanced acidy and work equally well in sweet and savory dishes.  This document covers the different types available as well as best practices for selecting and storing.

Simple Ways to Incorporate more Plants in your Diet

One of the simpliest way to improve your diet is to include more real, whole plant ingredients in your daily meals.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains are all loaded with nutrients.  Here are a few easy ways to get started!

12 Great Ways to Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs add great flavor and health benefits to all your cooking!!  Check out these 12 simple ideas for making the most of your garden harvest!!  

Homemade Stock: The Kitchen Workhorse

The basics of homemade stock including recipes for chicken and vegetable variations.

Spices 101

Tips for purchasing, storing and using spices. Plus health benefits and used for many popular types.

Herbs 101

Nothing makes a dish sing better than the addition of fresh herbs.  Learn how to properly select, purchase, store and use these culinary gems!  In addition, this document introduces the top culinary herbs from Basil to Thyme and everything in-between!  

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