April 10

Cooking Class: How to make Italian Salad Dressing

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Salad dressing is quick and easy to prepare with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

Zesty Italian Vinaigrette (use as guidelines, not absolutes!)

🥕 ½ cup oil of choice
🥕  2 T. white wine vinegar
🥕  1 T. Red wine vinegar
🥕  1 Garlic Clove (pasted)
🥕  1 T. chopped shallot or onion
🥕  1 T. chopped red bell pepper
🥕  1 t. Dijon mustard
🥕  1 t. raw honey (or to taste)
🥕  ½ -1 t. dry oregano
🥕  pinch red pepper flakes
🥕  Salt/freshly ground pepper to taste

Place everything in a jar and shake, shake, shake!! Store in refrigerator. If using olive oil it will harden, just let it set out about 15-30 minutes at room temperature or microwave for a few seconds before using! Enjoy!!


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