August 18

Cooking Class: Slow Cooker Quinoa, Squash & Tomatillo Casserole

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Tomatillos are usually used in a salsa verde, but if you want something a little different give this Slow Cooker recipe a try.  The quinoa is added to the bottom and then all the other ingredients are layered on top.  

With the popularity of the Instant Pot in recent years, many have forgotten about the good old slow cooker (aka crockpot!).  Time to dust it off and put it to good use!!  

Mrs. Dornberg

About the author

Cheryl Dornberg is the founder, CEO and operator of Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience in Highland, IN. She is a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Certified Instructor of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and believes that a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen, and every meal that you prepare yourself from fresh, whole ingredients is a step towards a vibrant, energy-filled life.


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