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A Healthy Lifestyle BEGINS in the Kitchen!

Your trusted source for health & nutrition information, recipes, how-to videos, and basic cooking techniques available when you need it all from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to take control of your health?

Do you want to feel more confident in the kitchen and create delicious, healthy meals with ease?  

Are you looking for a trusted source for health & nutrition information, recipes, and basic cooking techniques -- without annoying ads and pop-ups?  

Mrs. Dornberg is here to help!

You’ve made the decision to improve your health by making better food choices.  
You know you need to prepare and consume more from-scratch meals.  Now what?  

First, you need to learn and understand the relationship between food and health
and what exactly you should be eating.
Then, you need the skills and confidence to get in the kitchen and cook!

Sounds simple, right? After all, when it comes to healthy eating there is no shortage of recipes,
meal plans, and “must try” solutions coming at you daily.  This may sound great,
but this sheer VOLUME of available information is OVERWHELMING! 
You are “collecting” information and recipes and are paralyzed by all the choices in front of you.  
You give up and tell yourself it is too hard.  You feel like a failure.  

The problem isn't YOU!  You don’t need more information.  
You need to take what you ALREADY have and DO SOMETHING with it!  
You are CAPABLE of achieving better health.  You just need guidance and encouragement!

Mrs. Dornberg’s Cooking Corner club takes away the overwhelm and allows you to
FOCUS and TAKE ACTION toward living a healthier life through better food choices!

Through videos, recipes, virtual live sessions, and health & nutrition information
you will be empowered and inspired to make better food choices;
create healthy, affordable meals from scratch; and gain confidence in the kitchen.  
All from the comfort of your own home on a schedule that works for you!

Join the Cooking Corner Club today and lock in our introductory membership rates!
As the content library and course offerings grow, the membership price will increase.
You can choose from monthly or annual memberships.
You can even use any active credits or gift certificates toward club membership.

What are you waiting for? Become a cooking corner member today!

Become a Cooking Club Member now and get started on the path to better health!  

Cooking Corner Club Member Benefits

Through videos, recipes, virtual live sessions, and food, nutrition, and health information you will be empowered and inspired to create healthy, affordable meals from scratch, build kitchen confidence, make better food choices and improve overall health and well-being.

All from the comfort of your own house at a time that is convenient for you! 

Exclusive online content

Library of recipes, how-to cooking videos, and health & nutrition resources all without annoying pop-ups or ads! NEW content is added weekly!

Access to our extensive Course Catalog

Access to our extensive course catalog including basic kitchen techniques, step-by-step recipe videos, ingredient focused mini courses, and more!  NEW courses are added monthly!  

LIVE Virtual Classes and Cook-Alongs

Member only virtual health seminars, demonstration cooking classes, and cook-along session.  (with replay access) Minimum of 4 events held each month!

Private Facebook Community

Connect with fellow members and Mrs. Dornberg inside the private Facebook community!  Share ideas, show off your creations, ask questions, and cheer each other on!  

Join a community of health-minded individuals!

Mary B.

It inspires me to try different ingredients!

"I learned a lot. It inspires me to try different ingredients.  You do a great job virtually. Thank you!"

Phyllis W.

Taking classes at home is SO convenient!

"The Cooking Corner Club and virtual sessions are such a great way to keep learning about cooking nutritiously. I love the seasonal topics!  Taking the classes at my kitchen table is SO convenient!  And if I'm busy, I can catch the class later!"

Sue R.

I am trying new things (and loving them!)

"As I watch your videos and learn about the nutritional benefits of foods and different preparation methods, I am trying new things!  I have always disliked cabbage, but I have to say, I love cabbage now that I am roasting it.  Thank you."


If you wish to use a Mrs. Dornberg's gift certificate or class credit please contact us.

Basic Monthly Membership


(paid monthly)

  • Exclusive recipes, how-to videos
  • Extensive course library
  • LIVE online monthly events
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Pricing locked in for life of membership (basic level)
Basic Annual MEmbership

(Save $60!)


(paid annually)

  • Exclusive recipes, how-to videos
  • Extensive course library
  • Live online monthly events
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Pricing locked in for life of membership (basic level)

A note from Mrs. Dornberg

At Mrs. Dornberg’s we have been offering in-person demonstration and hands-on cooking classes for 9 years!! In-person classes are terrific ways to learn, have fun and of course, TASTE the recipes! However, given the current state of our world and the reality that our jam-packed lives make it difficult to attend in-person events, there needed to be a better solution.

Most of our classes are demonstration, or informational, in nature. The goal is to provide you with the LEARNING you need to move on to DOING. As we know from our school days, LEARNING takes much more time than the DOING. There may be 10 things you must LEARN before you are able to DO one task.

To get you to DO more in the kitchen, I need you to LEARN more. How can that be accomplished in the most efficient, cost effective, and flexible way possible? Enter Mrs. Dornberg’s Cooking Corner Club!!

I am so excited to be able to reach MORE of you and help you achieve better health by cooking more!  This club is FOR YOU, and I can't wait to see you inside!  

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