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About Food as Medicine

Note:  This course may be accessed by active cooking corner club members.   

Each month Mrs. Dornberg will be showcasing a specific health topic.  The class will include a discussion of foods to choose from and those to avoid along with a selection of healthy, delicious, healing dishes!  

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Cooking Corner Club Members The Healthy Gut Workshop (2/24/21)

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Cooking Corner Club Members Improving Digestion

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Cooking Corner Club Members Gut Healthy Recipes

2 Lessons

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Cooking Corner Club Members Spice it Up Virtual Workshop (3/24/21)

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Cooking Corner Club Members Spice Reference Charts

About the Teacher

Mrs. Dornberg

Cheryl Dornberg, NBC-HWC, is a national board-certified health & wellness coach and culinary nutrition expert who is passionate about using the power of food to achieve optimal health and increase longevity. She specializes in motivating and empowering individuals to create sustainable & consistent dietary and lifestyle habits that support the management and prevention of chronic health conditions, increase longevity, and improve overall quality of life.

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