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About Homemade Condiments

What is a condiment?  Merriam-Webster describes condiments as "something used to enhance the flavor of food".  In addition it is usually something that would rarely be eaten as a principal food during a meal, but is instead often added to another prepared dish (or used in the preparation of a dish) to provide increased flavor or texture.  

There are just about as many different types of condiments as there are different types of food, with various cultures having versions that are unique or particularly important to the people of that culture. Common examples of condiments include ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, and even jam.  

In most cases the condiments we use come are premade and come in a jar or bottle.  In fact, many people probably have never even thought of making their own!  However, if you look at the labels on these products you will see ingredients that aren't so good for you as well as elevated levels of sugar and sodium.  

The good news is condiments are quick and simple to make at home!  This course provides homemade alternatives for many of the most popular condiments including ketchup, barbecue sauce, mustard, mayo, and salad dressings.  Plus, you will also learn how to make sauerkraut, herb butter, and even caramelized onions (I know you probably COULD eat these on their own, but they are a terrific way to boost flavor in so many dishes!).

Are you ready?  Let's get started!!

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No label Ketchup

Many people are VERY particular about their ketchup and prefer a certain brand. However, in many cases it is high in added sugar, sodium, and other preservatives. Homemade may take some time to get used to, but your health will thank you!

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No label Mustard

Although mustard is probably one of the "cleaner" condiments, making your own is fun and will save you some money! In this section we will make Dijon and Honey varieties!

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No label Mayo

Store bought mayo is usually full of unhealthy oils and preservatives. Making your own is simple, but it only lasts days rather than months so you need to plan accordingly. In this section we will prepare both a classic version (with egg yolk) and a vegan version (using aquafaba).

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No label Barbecue Sauce

This lesson features and Sweet & Spicy Barbecue sauce and a Rhubarb variation (trust me, you will love it!).

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No label Pizza Sauce

This recipe is a perfect way to use those garden or farmstand plum tomatoes! Make a batch and freeze in individual portion and you will be set all year!

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No label Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut not only adds a zing to a salad or sandwich it also provides beneficial probiotics for a healthy gut! (PLUS, it helps give your hands a workout and builds grip strength 😉)

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No label Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki sauce is used in Greece like ketchup is used in the US! It is great as a dip, spread, or topping for vegetables, meat, or grains!

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No label Herb Butter

Making a batch of herb butter is a great way to "preserve" those fresh herbs AND have an INSTANT flavor boost for just about anything!

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Although you probably could eat caramelized onions on their own, they are a flavorful addition to so many dishes. They are also the base for making the BEST onion dip!

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Zesty Italian is one of the more popular salad dressings. It is used not only to dress salads but as a marinade for meats and veggies. You will be amazed at how versatile it is!

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French is one of the most popular dressings but nearly all store bought varieties are loaded with sugar, bad oils, and preservatives. It took me a while, but I think this "clean" version is pretty darn good!

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No label Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing may be the most popular dressing! However, it is VERY hard to find one that is actually healthy and clean! This avocado version comes close to the "original" but is full of GOOD ingredients!

About the Teacher

Mrs. Dornberg

Cheryl Dornberg, NBC-HWC, is a national board-certified health & wellness coach and culinary nutrition expert who is passionate about using the power of food to achieve optimal health and increase longevity. She specializes in motivating and empowering individuals to create sustainable & consistent dietary and lifestyle habits that support the management and prevention of chronic health conditions, increase longevity, and improve overall quality of life.

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