Mrs. Dornberg's

Fundamentals of Healthy Cooking Course
Cooking AUTOMATICALLY Makes you Healthier!

Learn and master basic healthy cooking techniques, gain kitchen confidence, and regain your health!

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Do you want to cook and eat more from scratch meals made from real, whole ingredients, but are confused, overwhelmed, and don't know how or where to start?

For whatever reason, many people think that cooking is an innate skill --
choose a recipe, buy ingredients and BAM! a delicious, nutritious meal!

Unfortunately, it doesn't happen that way, BUT it is less difficult than you think!
You just need to learn what is "behind the recipe" -- the skills, techniques, vocabulary and the process.

Yes, you can probably figure this out from a book and/or generic video, 
but it will take much trial and error.
AND there will not be anyone to answer your questions or actually SHOW you what to do.

Our Fundamentals of Healthy Cooking Course will do JUST THIS!!

You will learn basic cooking techniques, become familiar with ingredients and kitchen tools,
explore different flavors, and build a go-to recipe library

while you gain confidence and proficiency in the kitchen that will translate into
healthier eating and overall improved well-being.

Whether you are new to cooking or just want to hone and improve your core skills, this course is for you! 
Since this is SKILL/TECHNIQUE based learning, it is suitable for almost ALL DIETS!!  

PLUS, you get Mrs. Dornberg’s knowledge and experience in cooking and nutrition to help you succeed & thrive!

All from the COMFORT and CONVENIENCE of your OWN HOME!

Enroll today and TRANSFORM from an OVERWHELMED, UNCONSCIOUS eater into 
an EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT home cook in just 12 weeks!

Course Features

  • New content released weekly over 12 weeks.
  • 12 Basic Healthy Cooking Technique Modules
  • 12 Best Practice Modules
  • Each Module contains video, audio, and written content
  • Over 50 Simple, Delicious, Nutritious real-food recipes that can be adapted to fit most dietary preferences
  • Accessible via online membership portal  
  • Minimum 1-year access to course content 

Basic Techniques

A new technique-focused module will be released weekly.  Each module contains how-to videos, practice recipes, and supporting content. Topics include:

  • Mise En Place - THE most important concept of cooking is being organized and having everything ready BEFORE you start cooking.  
  • Basic Knife Skills - this is the most important skill for any home cook!  Proper cutting technique is critical to being efficient in the kitchen.  You will have access to our complete Basic Knife Skills video course, and will be able to practice your skills and get feedback during the cook-along sessions.
  • Soup & Homemade Stock - Homemade stock and bone broth are the cornerstones of so many dishes. PLUS they are a terrific way to boost nutrient levels and reduce waste in the kitchen!
  • Saute - Meaning "to jump", this technique is one of the most useful in stovetop cooking.  Once you learn a few key concepts and tips, I promise it will become one of your go-to cooking methods!
  • Roasting - Along with sauteing, roasting is an essential technique to master!  Bringing out the natural flavor and sweetness of food, it is a great way to get those "picky" eaters to try new things!  (like Brussels Sprouts and Beets!) A MUST for batch cooking and meal prep!
  • Braising - This is an underutilized healthy cooking technique that provides tender, mouthwatering results.  It doesn't have the flare or sizzle of some of the other methods, but it is a MUST for tougher cuts of meat and more fibrous veggies!  
  • PLUS modules on steaming/boiling, slow cooking, pressure cooking (i.e. Instant Pot), Emulsification/Thickening (dressings/sauces), Flavor Basics, and Cooking without Recipes!!  

Best Practices

In addition to the technique-focused modules, each week a Best Practices module will be released that will cover non-cooking topics that are essential to being a healthy, efficient, and confident cook!  These practices include:

  • Setting up a healthy Pantry
  • Smart Shopping
  • Understanding Food Labels
  • Freezing Basics
  • Reducing Kitchen Waste
  • Meal Planning and Prep
  • PLUS modules covering Food Storage, Essential Kitchen Tools, Anatomy of a Recipe, Cooking Terms, and Food Safety 

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