August 23


Healthy Eating


With our busy schedules, long-held habits and old mind-sets it is easy to go into autopilot mode especially with our cooking (or lack of!) routines.  This leads to boredom, lack of creativity and in most cases poor health since autopilot usually focuses on heavy, low-nutrition foods.  Unless we break through, we will continue farther and farther down the spiral and in some cases “give up” and resign ourselves to thinking things cannot change.

Breaking out of your comfort zone in the kitchen can not only improve your health and well-being through new, healthy food choices but also improve your mental outlook as you gain confidence, inspiration and a sense of accomplishment!

Yes, you can find a new recipe on the internet, watch a cooking show or just start pulling things out of the refrigerator with the intention of “cooking out of the box”, but without any accountability or outside “push”, it is easy to not follow through or keep procrastinating.

I WANT YOU TO BECOME A BETTER HOME COOK, and I am here to help you every step along the way.  From the basics to classes aimed at introducing you to new foods & flavors there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!

We all gravitate toward things we already know, like and trust.  In cooking that can lead to some pretty boring, monotonous meals.  I challenge you to pick a class or topic that isn’t the first to jump out at you or you don’t know anything about.   Sign up and bring an open mind and stomach (!) and you might just be surprised at the results!!  



Mrs. Dornberg

About the author

Cheryl Dornberg is the founder, CEO, and operator of Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience based in Highland, IN. She is a Culinary Nutrition Expert and believes that a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen, and every meal that you prepare yourself from fresh, whole ingredients is a step towards a vibrant, energy-filled life.


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