Culinary Health & Wellness Programs by Mrs. Dornberg

The importance of health and wellness education and training has never been greater.  From lowering medical premiums to reducing sick days or just helping make your employees happier and healthier, investing in wellness related seminars, classes and workshops are a win-win. 

Not sure where to start or what to offer?  Mrs. Dornberg would love to partner with you!  Our mission is to help individuals prevent, manage and even reverse lifestyle diseases and their symptoms so they can have more energy and a better quality of life without feeling deprived or spending hours in the kitchen.  We believe that if you eat well you will be well and that a “Healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen”. 

We help navigate the confusing field of health and wellness and provide simple, practical information and actionable steps to make better food choices and achieve better overall health. We don’t just help you know WHAT to eat; we show you WHY it is important and HOW TO shop and cook to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. We are here every step of the way to keep you motivated and focused throughout your health journey.

We believe that food is the most powerful medicine we have and that our food choices directly impact our health and well-being. When we eat real, whole foods in their most natural state, with minimum processing and additives, we are providing our bodies with the fuel nature intended. Our kitchen is our pharmacy and the process of from-scratch cooking is the best way to achieve and maintain optimal health.

We are here to teach the basics of healthy eating and nutrition; to help navigate the grocery store; to provide guidance in stocking a healthy pantry, refrigerator & freezer and to provide instruction in basic cooking techniques that will empower you to prepare food at home simply, efficiently and cost effectively.

As part of our corporate, group and community wellness focus, we offer a variety of services including Cooking Demos, Lunch & Learn sessions, Wellness Workshops, and group presentations.  Both in-person at your facility and virtual options (with recordings) are available!  

Mrs. Dornberg is also available to collaborate with other health and wellness professionals on joint programs, workshops, challenges, and health fairs.  Ready to get started?  Contact Mrs. Dornberg at [email protected] to discuss your needs and learn how we can help!

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