Healthy Food, Healthy You!

12 Week Real Food Jumpstart   

New Session Starts April 5, 2021!

Are you struggling with health issues and are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?  You don’t know where to start, so you do nothing.  Your issues persist, and in many cases, get worse.  
This pattern has probably been going on for years. 

Ignoring your symptoms does not work!  It only gets harder the longer you wait.  The excuses you have today will still be there tomorrow unless you change your mindset and start focusing on what you want and what better health will mean to your future (more energy, less pain, less dependence on meds, etc.). 

Your overall level of health is directly related to the quality of food you put in your body. Food is the primary fuel for the body and drives every system and function related to health. A diet of whole, unprocessed foods is the foundation of health and well-being, and what you eat is 100% within your control!
So, where do you start?   Start paying attention to everything that you eat.

Going at it alone can be difficult, frustrating, and unmotivating. You are much more likely to achieve a goal or make a life change with structure, accountability, and community support .  
Enter the Healthy Food, Healthy You: 12 Week Real Food Jumpstart program!
This program provides you with the resources and supports you need to start (or continue) eating for health

Past participants in this program have lost weight, gained energy, experienced less chronic pain,
and developed a new relationship with food! Are you ready to join us and experience your own transformation?


Mrs. Dornberg's Healthy Food, Healthy You: 12 Week Real Food Jump Start will provide you with the firm foundation you need to get your diet and health back on track! This program focuses on SMALL, SUSTAINABLE and DOABLE dietary changes that you can easily implement in your daily routine. You will learn what foods you should and shouldn't eat (and why!), the role of food and diet on disease and health, the connection between chronic lifestyle disease and food along with simple plant-strong recipes, healthy cooking techniques and tips, community support, accountability, live group coaching, cook-along sessions and more! 

RAVE reviews from Past Participants!

"This program has enabled me to see that I can eat pretty much whatever I want provided I get healthy ingredients and cook them for myself."

Ruth B.

It seems like I have spent a lifetime investigating and trying new foods and new eating programs. I have tried numerous healthy eating programs, plant-based diets and many things in-between. I could never stay with any of these programs because I got bored from the limits placed on me or exhausted from all of the shopping and prepping. All of this has changed now. Thanks to Mrs. Dornberg's Healthy Food, Healthy You program I no longer feel like I need to wander from program to program.  

If you are ready to stop searching and you want to learn how to eat so you can feel your best, treat yourself to 12 weeks of Healthy Food, Healthy You.

"I have enjoyed the presentations and have learned so much. I am cooking more, and enjoying the fresh meals I have been preparing. I am feeling so much better, not experiencing any joint discomfort/pain, have more energy, and I actually have lost 10 pounds (not expected).  This has been one of the best things I have done for myself."

- Helen

“The Healthy Food, Healthy You program has changed my entire outlook on how to shop and cook in a much healthier way. I can make vegetables in delicious ways, including things I would refuse to eat before! I absolutely recommend learning with Mrs. Dornberg. Her information is invaluable.”

- Rebecca 

“In this 12-week Healthy Food, Healthy You program Cheryl teaches you so much including how we should eat, why we should be eating that way, and the health benefits that go along with it. I couldn't believe how much better my knees felt within two to three weeks after some simple food changes."

- Valerie


  • Weekly whole food, plant strong recipes and how-to videos (gluten-free and vegan adaptable)
  • 12 Modules containing Audio, Video and Written lessons
  • Weekly virtual group Coaching/Q&A sessions (12 total - with recordings) (Monday evenings from 7-8 pm CDT, April 5-June 28, no session May 31)
  • Minimum 1-year access to program content
  • Accessible via online membership portal with new module release weekly

Program Schedule

  • Getting Started: Setting Up for Success (Finding your baseline, Stocking a Healthy Pantry) 
  • Module 1:  Your Healthy Food, Healthy You Action Plan 
  • Module 2: Building a Firm Foundation
  •  Module 3:  Making BETTER choices -- Small, simple changes that yield BIG results
  • Module 4:  Healthy Eating Starts with Your Grocery Cart
  • Module 5:  The Truth about Fat, Sugar and Salt  
  • Module 6:  The Role of Protein, Carbs and Fiber  
  • Module 7:  Balancing Blood Sugar and Reducing Insulin Resistance
  • Module 8:  Reducing Inflammation and Preventing Disease  
  • Module 9:  Cultivating the Microbiome and Optimizing Digestion 
  • Module 10:  Promoting Heart Health 
  • Module 11:  Navigating Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Intolerances 
  • Module 12:  Understanding Intermittent Fasting  
  • Wrap-Up:  Staying the Course and Next Steps
  • Each week includes written, audio and video lessons along with new, whole food plant strong recipes utilizing basic cooking techniques; tips for success and actionable steps for sustainable change.  


Join the next session of Healthy Food, Healthy You and receive bonuses worth over $500!!  

  • 2 Personalized 1-1 sessions with Mrs. Dornberg ($150 value) WHEN YOU REGISTER BY MARCH 31)
  • Unlimited email support during program duration 
  • Mrs. Dornberg's full online membership access through 6/30/2021 including our Basic Knife Skills video course, on-demand mini-courses, monthly live virtual classes, and exclusive member content & videos. (over $90 value) (for NEW Cooking Club members only)
  • Group Virtual Cook-along workshops (total of 3 during the program duration, held Saturdays 9 am to Noon CST (4/24, 5/22, 6/19) with recordings available -- $150 value)
  • Virtual Training/Cooking Demonstrations (Total of 3 during the program duration, Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm CST (4/14, 5/12, 6/9) with recording available-- $105/value)

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