March 2

Humana Cooking Demo: March 2, 2023



In today's demo we looked at ways to replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones!  I shared the four fats I use for cooking.  If you missed the session or what to review, check out the Healthy Oils and Fats for Cooking document below!

If you are not a fan of tomato-based chili or are just looking for something different, try this white bean chicken chili.  It uses chicken thighs which are more flavorful and juicy, and is loaded with plenty of fiber from beans and veggies!

Most pre-made ranch dressings are full of chemicals, preservatives, and unhealthy fats.  This version uses avocado (a healthy fat) and plenty of fresh herbs!  It works for both a dip and dressing (if you thin it out a bit).

Finally, the chocolate peanut butter muffins swap in healthier ingredients like coconut sugar, bananas, olive oil, and peanut butter in place of refined sugar and processed oils.  The eggs and peanut butter provide a good dose of healthy fat and protein which helps minimize blood sugar fluctuations.  

About the author 

Mrs. Dornberg

Cheryl Dornberg is the founder, CEO, and operator of Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience based in Highland, IN. She is a Culinary Nutrition Expert and believes that a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen, and every meal that you prepare yourself from fresh, whole ingredients is a step towards a vibrant, energy-filled life.

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