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Introducing: Mrs. Dornberg's Cooking Corner Club!
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Do you Love all the information, tips and recipes from Mrs. Dornberg's classes,
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Would you like a trusted source for health & nutrition information, recipes and
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The easiest and most cost-effective way to improve your health is to cook!  You immediately have control over calories, fat, carbs, sodium and sugars.  Studies show that even a small change in diet can create a huge impact in overall health.

To achieve this, we teach basic cooking skills and share food, nutrition, and health information that empower YOU to create healthy, affordable meals from scratch, build kitchen confidence, make better food choices and improve overall health and well-being. 

At Mrs. Dornberg’s we have been offering exclusively in-person demonstration and hands-on cooking classes for 9 years!!  In-person classes are terrific ways to learn, have fun and of course, TASTE the recipes! However, given the current state of our world and the reality that our jam-packed lives and differing schedules make it difficult for us to schedule and you to attend in-person events there needed to be a better solution. 

Most of our classes are demonstration, or informational, in nature.  The goal is to provide you with the LEARNING you need to move on to DOING.  As we know from our school days, LEARNING takes much more time than the DOING.  There may be 10 things you must LEARN before you are able to DO one task. 

To get you to DO more in the kitchen, I need you to LEARN more.  How can that be accomplished in the most efficient, cost effective, and flexible way possible?  Enter Mrs. Dornberg’s Cooking Corner Club!! 

Mrs. Dornberg’s Cooking Corner Club is your on-line portal to all the things you LOVE about Mrs. Dornberg’s including health & nutrition information, tips, recipes, techniques, how-to videos and more!  It is like attending a class without having to leave the house!  Through a course structure and reference libraries you can explore a variety of different topics including specific ingredients (Tomato Time), techniques (Cooking in Cast Iron), Health & Nutrition (Inflammation Fighters) and Healthy meal ideas (Meatless Mondays, Better Breakfasts, Sensational Snacks).  New content is added weekly!! 

Sounds great, but you may be asking why should I join Mrs. Dornberg’s Cooking Corner club given all the other cooking and nutrition information out there, much of it at no cost?  Because the sheer VOLUME of information available is OVERWHELMING!  You don’t know where to even start!  You are probably “collecting” information and recipes but are paralyzed by the sheer volume of choices in front of you, and you end up DOING nothing.  In addition, you will NEVER be bombarded by pop-ups or a constant stream of ads while on our site.  

My job is to break down the world of healthy, nutritious cooking into small pieces that you can learn and assimilate one by one all while connecting the pieces together to complete the puzzle that is YOU and YOUR HEALTH and how it relates to being in the kitchen.  In addition, I will give you what you need to know when you need to know it.  That means if you are making a pasta dish and it wants you to chiffonade the basil, you need to know how to do that right then, not two weeks down the road or two weeks ago (which you have already forgotten!). This means content will repeat and resurface from time to time, but it is only with repetition and PRACTICE that we really grow. 

How does that sound?  Want to check it out?  Sign up now and lock in our introductory membership rates!  As the content library and course offerings grow, the membership price will increase.  You can choose from monthly or quarterly memberships.  You can even use any active credits or gift certificates toward club membership.    


  • Exclusive online content (recipes, videos, health & nutrition information)
  • On-line courses (with at least one new offering per month)
  • Library of cooking, health and nutrition resources and support information
  • Special offers and discounts for other Mrs. Dornberg's products & services
  • Live online events, Q & A, and trainings
  • Member only Online Forum
  • No annoying pop-ups or sales ads -- JUST pure content!!


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