Integrative Nutrition and Culinary Health Coaching

With Mrs. Dornberg


Are you ready to learn to cook healthy, delicious meals at home?  Have you been told by a physician, dietitian or other health professional to change your diet?  Maybe you have health symptoms or a chronic condition that has been linked to food and diet.  Or, you want to have more energy and feel better overall, and just need a quick jump-start to get serious about cooking and change your eating habits.  If so, where and how do you start? Let Mrs. Dornberg help!  

Mrs. Dornberg can help you:

  • Find the foods and diet that are BEST FOR YOU, 
  • Develop a curated recipe list and meal plan tailored to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS ,
  • Become more confident in the kitchen with tailored culinary instruction  
  • Help you navigate the grocery store with ease
  • And much more! 

Mrs. Dornberg will be at your side helping you figure it all out!  

With Mrs. Dornberg’s personalized wellness services you will finally have an action plan and the resources YOU NEED to take control of your health and life through better eating habits and more from-scratch cooking at home!

Available Services

  • FREE Initial Clarity Goals to discuss your goals
  • Customized Action Plan addressing YOUR SPECIFIC needs and goals 
  • Regular accountability check-ins and email correspondence
  • Curated recipes and meal planning assistance (specific to your health condition/dietary needs)  
  • Private Hands-on cooking instruction (in person or virtual)
  • Support Handouts and materials (written and video) 
  • Pantry clean-out and set-up, Kitchen organization
  • Grocery Shopping Lists and Best Practices

Book Today

If you are ready to take control of your health and start making better food choices, book a call with Mrs. Dornberg and get started today!!  (If you need to schedule a time outside that listed on the calendar, please contact Mrs. Dornberg at [email protected])