March 30

Cooking Class: Pan Seared Spice Rubbed Tilapia

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This is one of my go-to default meals!  I always keep individually frozen tilapia filets in the freezer and a batch of spice rub in the cabinet. Of course, any type of fish fillet (or even shrimp or chicken cutlets) will work!  

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Forget to thaw your fish for dinner?  Don't worry, with this quick thawing tip your filets will be ready to cook by the time you change clothes and read the mail!!  

Mrs. Dornberg

About the author

Cheryl Dornberg is the founder, CEO and operator of Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience in Highland, IN. She is a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Certified Instructor of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and believes that a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen, and every meal that you prepare yourself from fresh, whole ingredients is a step towards a vibrant, energy-filled life.


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