Mrs. Dornberg's

Real Food Real Results Summer 2023 Challenge

Your Simple, Delicious, and Nutritious Way to Better Health!


Do you suffer from one or more chronic health issues and are ready to take back control of your life?
Are you tired of medication side effects, complicated diets, and expensive treatments?

If you answered yes, then it is time to meet your new BFF, YOUR KITCHEN, because

Your overall health is directly related to the quality of the food you consume.
Food is the primary fuel for the body and drives every system and function related to health.
A diet of whole, unprocessed foods is the foundation of health and well-being! 

Unfortunately, more that 60% of caloric intake in the United States comes from ultra-processed foods!  
No wonder chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome are on the rise.  
In fact, it is estimated that ONLY 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy!

Yes, there are many books, programs, and wellness "experts" who promise quick results with little effort. 
However, in most cases, these do not work long-term.  

and that is what the REAL FOOD REAL RESULTS SUMMER CHALLENGE is all about!

The Real Food, Real Results Summer Challenge includes:

  • 12 weeks of seasonal whole food, plant-strong recipes, and how-to videos (3-5 per week)*
  • 12 Cooking Demonstration/Q&A sessions (Live via ZOOM on Tuesdays @ 11 am  CST (recordings available)
  • 3 Cook-Along Sessions (Live via ZOOM on Saturdays @ 9-11 am CST:  6/24, 7/29, 8/26) (recordings available)
  • 3 Summer-Themed Mini-Courses: Ditch the Deli, Homemade Condiments, and Nibbles & Mocktails
    (to be released 6/11, 7/9, and 8/13)

*Recipes will cover a variety of dietary preferences with approximately 75% being plant-based.  All will be gluten and dairy-free friendly (either as written or with slight modifications. 

The Real Food Real Results Summer Challenge will inspire and guide you to:

  • Cook more from scratch meals
  • Reduce processed food and added sugars from your diet
  • Increase your consumption of plants and fiber
  • Prepare simple, delicious, and nutritious dishes that meet your needs and tastes
  • Maximize the nutritional and healing value of your food

The program is accessed online with live virtual events (recordings available) so you can participate when and where you are!

This program is valued at over $500 but is yours for just $147!  
The challenge starts on June 5 and runs through September 2.  I would LOVE to have you on board! Secure your spot today! 
(All sessions are recorded, so you can enroll at anytime, but the sooner you act the more LIVE session opportunities you will have!)

LIMITED VIP Experiences available!

For those wanting to implement a specific health goal or dietary recommendation and are looking for MORE accountability and support, I have opened up EIGHT VIP coaching spots!  In addition to the Real Food Real Results Summer Challenge program, you will receive 90 days of one-on-one Culinary Wellness Coaching! 

This VIP package includes:

  • Real Food Real Results Summer Challenge Program
  • Culinary Nutrition 90-minute Consultation (You will be asked to complete a Health & Culinary Assessment and a Seven-Day Food Journal prior to this appointment.)
  • 5 VIP check-in coaching sessions (45-60 minutes in length)*
  • Email/Text support between sessions
  • Culinary & Nutrition Resource Materials: Handouts, video lessons, worksheets, recipes, meal planning assistance, and other materials as needed
  • Private Resource Online Portal to house VIP session notes and resource materials

*VIP Session format:  Each session will focus on a specific action(s) or area to support your health goals and vision. During these sessions, we will review progress, discuss obstacles/challenges, adjust and revise the plan as necessary, and set up progress metrics and accountability systems.

Cost:  $497/pay in full or $267/2-payment option 
(To learn more and to determine if this option is right for you, book a clarity call with Mrs. Dornberg today!)

A note from Mrs. Dornberg

Suffering from a chronic illness myself, I know firsthand the overwhelm, confusion, and difficulty of that struggle. For too many years, I never felt great and suffered from exhaustion, pain, and other symptoms.  When I would ask the doctors if changing my diet would help, I was told that "it really didn't matter what I ate" and the best course of treatment was medications.   

One day I decided to not accept my current health as "normal".  I could and deserved to feel better and have a better quality of life.  So, instead of standing back and accepting my current situation, I started to explore areas of my life that I could control and change.  The first was the food I put into my body!

Being an engineer, I had always loved cooking and the science behind it, but up until then, it was more about the reactions and experience not the nutritional and healing value of food.  

I started to learn and practice culinary nutrition techniques and regained my health.  I was AMAZED at how POWERFUL something so basic and simple - eating whole, real food - can be!  I am now focused on helping others use the power of food to manage and prevent health issues!

I want you to have more energy and a better quality of life without medication side effects, feeling deprived, or spending hours in the kitchen (unless you want to!).  I believe that if you EAT WELL YOU WILL BE WELL.

I am so honored to support you on this journey to better health!  I can't wait to see your results!

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