Real Food Real Results
Summer 2024 Challenge
Your Simple, Delicious, and Nutritious Way to Better Health!


You KNOW you need to eat better, but it is never the "right time".   This has been going on for years, and now you’re at the age and stage where you can no longer pretend that things are going to get better by themselves.  Ideally you’d like to not have to go on medication and that’s going to mean making real and sustainable changes to what and how you eat starting NOW!

Maybe you have even recently been advised by your doctor, dietician, or other health care provider that you need to make dietary changes.  However, the information you were given is too generic or vague, and you are overwhelmed, confused, and don't know how to start.  

You have important questions and concerns:

  • What does this look like for me and my everyday life?
  • How do I actually make these changes?
  • What do I buy?
  • Is healthy eating going to cost me all my time and money? 
  • Does this mean I have to give up everything that I like? 

You haven’t had much success in the past - in fact those yo-yo diets have done more harm than good.  And all the conflicting information can be so mentally taxing.

It’s time to build a bridge that helps you actually implement healthy dietary changes into your personal day-to-day life, and it all starts in your kitchen.  

Recent studies, including the American Gut Project, have shown that many health markers improve as dietary diversity from plants increases. So, instead of counting carbs, protein, fat, or calories, start counting plants and see what happens!

For 90 days, we will be focused on ADDING in more nutrient-dense foods and cooking more delicious from-scratch meals at home. Let’s make it a DELICIOUS & HEALTHY summer!

Summer never tasted so good!

- Susan

"Last year, I enrolled in Mrs. Dornberg’s “Real Food Real Results Summer Challenge” to reboot after winter and give myself some self-love. My biggest challenges were creating and maintaining a consistent “healthful” cooking routine, allowing and trusting myself to cook a meal without a recipe, and having limited experience in plant-based, from-scratch cooking.

Cheryl made it easy to be all in! She provided all the support, information, and detailed guidance I needed to immerse myself in the challenge. And, I’m happy to say, take on and break free of the challenges getting in my way toward living a more healthful, nutritious life."

The Real Food Real Results Summer Challenge 
will inspire and guide you to:

Cook more from scratch meals

Remove processed food and added sugars from your diet

Increase your consumption of plants and fiber

Prepare simple, delicious, and nutritious dishes that meet your needs and tastes

Maximize the nutritional and healing value of your food

Reach your health goals

The program is accessed online with live virtual events (recordings available) so you can participate when and where you are!

Your overall health is directly related to the quality of the food you consume. Food is the primary fuel for the body and drives every system and function related to health. A diverse diet of whole, unprocessed foods is the foundation of health and well-being! 

Unfortunately, more that 60% of caloric intake in the United States comes from ultra-processed foods!  No wonder chronic health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome are on the rise.  In fact, it is estimated that ONLY 12% of Americans are metabolically healthy!

Yes, there are many books, programs, and wellness "experts" who promise quick results with little effort.  However, in most cases, these do not work long-term.  

That is what the REAL FOOD REAL RESULTS SUMMER CHALLENGE is all about!

This program is valued at over $500 but is yours for just $147!  
The challenge starts on June 3 and runs through August 31.  I would LOVE to have you on board! Secure your spot today!
(All sessions are recorded and you have ongoing access, so you can enroll at anytime, but the sooner you act
the more LIVE session opportunities you will have!)

Unlike many programs that focus on what you CAN'T have, this challenge is all about ADDING in more nutrient-dense foods, cooking more delicious from-scratch meals at home, and having FUN!  

The Real Food, Real Results Summer Challenge includes:

  • Seasonal whole food, plant-strong recipes, preparation tips, and how-to videos*
  • 6 Culinary Nutrition/Cooking Demo sessions (Live via ZOOM on Wednesdays @ 10 am  CDT (recordings available)
  • 6 Group Support/Accountability Sessions (Live via ZOOM on Mondays @ 7 pm  CDT (recordings available)
  • 6 Cook-Together Sessions (Live via ZOOM on Saturdays @ 9-11 am CDT and Sundays @ 4-6 CDT)(recordings available)

*Recipes will cover a variety of dietary preferences with approximately 75% being plant-based.  All will be gluten and dairy-free friendly (either as written or with slight modifications, and help is provided for other dietary restrictions). 

Since the beginning of summer, I have noticed a significant change in my overall well-being due to my healthier eating habits. I feel calmer, more focused, and have a lot more energy. My metabolism seems to be improving, almost like I was my younger self. I attribute these positive changes to making healthier food choices, being more physically active, and getting better sleep. I am grateful for being introduced to new foods, flavors, and recipes I had never tried before. As a result, I am excited to cook more at home and only eat out for special occasions or events. Thank you for your guidance in helping me make these positive changes

- Eileen

Cheryl is a competent and effective practitioner supporting my health journey! As a middle aged woman with the onset of many differing conditions, her holistic approach to my care has made a significant difference in my choices impacting my health. My journey toward healing through nutrition has become easier and more of a lifestyle than a resistance. Cheryl met me where I was on the journey and keeps walking forward with me, step by step.

- Kathy 

I really enjoy working with Cheryl. She utilizes science and data to educate her clients about food and nutrition. I started implementing the changes Cheryl recommended and within a few months, I was able to reduce my cholesterol level by over 100 points. Additionally, my clothes fit better, my energy levels have improved, and I feel much better overall. Cheryl has a wealth of knowledge and information to share. I appreciate her recipes and support. Her cook-together sessions feature seasonal, healthy ingredients that are easy to replicate at home. Cheryl not only educates about healthy foods, but she also teaches techniques for preparing food at home. I highly recommend working with her to improve your health.

- Mary

This program is valued at over $500 but is yours for just $147!  
The challenge starts on June 3 and runs through August 31.  I would LOVE to have you on board! Secure your spot today!
(All sessions are recorded and you have ongoing access, so you can enroll at anytime, but the sooner you act
the more LIVE session opportunities you will have!)

Cheryl Dornberg, NBC-HWC, is a national board-certified health & wellness coach and culinary nutrition expert who is passionate about using the power of food to achieve optimal health and increase longevity. She specializes in motivating and empowering individuals to create sustainable & consistent dietary and lifestyle habits that support the management and prevention of chronic health conditions, increase longevity, and improve overall quality of life. 

Hi! I'm Cheryl (aka Mrs. Dornberg), and I know firsthand the overwhelm, confusion, and difficulty that comes with a chronic health condition.  

For too many years, I suffered from exhaustion, pain, and other symptoms.  When I asked the doctors about changing my diet to help alleviate my symptoms, I was told "it really didn't matter what I ate" and to treat with medications.  

I decided to no longer accept my current health as "normal".

I deserved to feel better and have a better quality of life.  So, when I started to explore what I could control and change in order to make a difference, the first was the food I put into my body!

Being an engineer, I have always loved the science behind cooking, but up until then, it was more about the reactions and experience than the nutritional and healing value of food. 

As I started to learn and practice culinary nutrition techniques I was AMAZED at how powerful simply eating whole, real food can be! Since then I’ve regained my health, avoided additional medications, improved all my health markers, and have food freedom.

I am now focused on helping others use the power of food to manage and prevent health issues! My goal is for you to have the energy and quality of life you deserve without medication side effects, feeling deprived, or spending hours in the kitchen (unless you want to!).

I believe that if you EAT WELL YOU WILL BE WELL. And it would be an honor to support you on your journey to better health!

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