5 STARS ! If you want to learn about healthy cooking, learning techniques from A to Z, if you want personal guidance during class, if want to make new friends, Mrs. Dornberg's classes are for you! Small classes, hands on learning, classes have anywhere form "long time good cooks" to "beginners" and everything in between !

My husband and I have gone to her classes a few times for date night. I just recently took a friend for her birthday.   Cheryl is an amazing teacher and keeps you entertained while giving you so much useful information on how to cook. I learn something new every time and actually use the knowledge when I cook again. Will definitely be going back more often!

Great place! Love the hands-on classes! Cheryl is a top rate instructor. Classes are varied by skill and tastes. Highly recommend!

A small class (12 people) made the atmosphere seem more intimate. Questions were accepted from the audience and were encouraged. The food was interesting, and I was able to take away a couple of recipes. 

Took a class with a family group of 10 to celebrate a birthday. The meal we made was delicious. Learned tips to take home and use in our own kitchens. Loved that we made at least two items per station so we got to try different techniques. Highly recommend this experience. Chef D is also quite patient as she tries to un-break your poor knife techniques.....

Did a Valentine's hands-on class. She was very specific about our techniques. Loved the food we made. Enjoyed the other couple that we worked with. Can't wait to take another class.

Hosted a client appreciate event at Mrs Dornberg's. We had a larger group, about 20 people in total. Mrs. Dornberg put together a fantastic menu for us to make, and made sure everyone had something to do in the kitchen. At her wise suggestion, we rotated in groups to prepare different parts of the meal. Her recipes are fool proof and everything turned out amazing. She had suggested activities for people to do when they weren't in the kitchen and those worked out perfectly. The food was amazing, and Mrs. Dornberg's background as a chemical engineer added a fascinating twist to the cooked and we under stood not just the what but the why behind what we did. My clients had an absolutely wonderful time and have told me they plan to come back. We will definitely be back for her public events and to do more private events as well!

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