Chuck C.

The virtual cook along classes are the perfect blend of learning new recipes, techniques, and methods with my own equipment.  I've attended demonstration classes and participated in hands-on classes in your kitchen previously, but these cook along virtual classes are the best!  It's like having a Chef in my kitchen with me.  What a great way to learn, interact, and experience new food!

Rebecca P.

Taking these classes has changed everything for my family. Taking the knife skills class allowed me to cook more frequently without wrist pain because I'm doing things right. Now I'm nearly done with the Healthy Food, Healthy You program and it's changed my entire outlook on how to shop and cook in a much healthier way. I can make vegetables in delicious ways, including things I would refuse to eat before! I absolutely recommend learning with Mrs. Dornberg. Her information is invaluable.

Val O.

I've taken many in-person classes with Cheryl Dornberg over the years and have learned a lot.  After moving from the area, I was excited for the opportunity to continue learning virtually!  In the 12-week Healthy Food, Healthy You workshop, Cheryl teaches you so much, including how we should eat, why we should be eating that way and the health benefits that go along with it. I couldn't believe how much better my knees felt within two to three weeks after some simple food changes.  A MUST take course for ANYONE wanting to improve their health through better food choices!

Phyllis W.

The Cooking Corner Club and virtual sessions are such a great way to keep learning about cooking nutritiously. I love the seasonal topics!  Taking the classes at my kitchen table is SO convenient!  And if I'm busy, I can catch the class later!

Helen S.

I have enjoyed the presentations and have learned so much. I am cooking more, and enjoying the fresh meals I have been preparing. Reading labels and looking more closely at the ingredients in the few foods I purchase that are processed.
I am feeling so much better, not experiencing any joint discomfort/pain, have more energy and I actual have lost 10 pounds (not expected).  Looking forward to adding more recipes to my binder, and the virtual cooking classes. This has been one of the best things I have done for myself.

Cindy E.

All is going very well. I’m down about 11 pounds and my energy is better eating healthier food. I can’t always make the scheduled class but I always catch up on replays. Thanks for all the great information!  Looking forward to rest of class

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